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by  |  22-May-2016 03:15

As of today, we are happy to announce that our daily devotional app is no longer restricted to Apple and Android mobile devices, but is now a fully functional website.

We’re hoping many will find this to be a tremendous blessing.

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The new Solid Joys site is simple, and easy to use, and features 365 of the best devotional excerpts from John Piper's online writings and from his “trilogy” of books with Multnomah ().

The devotional of the day automatically comes up when you visit the site at, and you can click easily to the preceeding or following day’s reading.

From that point on, I purposefully excluded her from slumber parties and play dates and created a coup with my friends to do the same.

It all seemed to be working out nicely until the fateful day my mom discovered what I had been up to, and she announced I would be throwing the very girl who wounded me with her words a birthday party.

In our key passage today (Luke -29), we see a lawyer who’s desperately trying to rationalize the terms of the Great Commandment.

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