dating our neighbor - Dating a letter of resignation

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It should normally be delivered in advance to the appropriate supervisor or superior, and contain such information as the intended last day at work.A period of notice may be required expressly by contract, impliedly by the pay interval, or otherwise.

"You never know who you could work with in the future or what connections your current employer has in your industry." Unless your employment contract states otherwise, Doyle advised turning in your signed formal letter as a follow-up to an in-person resignation, ideally at least two weeks before your intended departure.

Here's what career experts have to say about the dos and don'ts of writing a resignation letter.

Even if your boss or HR manager doesn't ask for one, it's still good practice to submit one anyway.

In an article on The Balance, Alison Doyle, founder and CEO of Career Tool Belt, noted that your letter can help you maintain a positive relationship with your old employer, while also paving the way for you to move forward.

You want to resign gracefully and avoid burning any bridges in the business world, so this is the most professional course of action.

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