Conscious dating workshops

by  |  04-Jun-2017 14:19

Beat the daily grind(r) and try a different way to date!

She has expanded her work into many different projects and services all in support of people learning how to end their relationship pain.

You can learn more about Cindy Jarrett through her website:

Cindy is the Owner of Designing Access Consulting since 1989; A Shamanic Practitioner since 1993; A Co-Founder of Horse Journeys: Center for Conscious Evolution and Author of her recent book: Cindy started her career as a health professional for 16 years, then created her consulting business after witnessing in 2 of her high functioning spiritual communities that people were still struggling within their love relationships.

She saw that even with all the spiritual wisdom training there still needed to be active educational support for relationship success.

Divorced single mother Pouline made up her mind to date three different men, one for each area that was important to her.

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