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“Every technological innovation creates deviant as well as respectable possibilities.” So opens an essay written by Charles Edgley and Kenneth Kiser in 1982.

The invention of instant photography represented by the Polaroid Camera facilitated homemade pornography, known in its day as “Polaroid sex.” Polaroid sex allowed young women, who were identified as “bad girls”, to pose for “naughty” pictures and engage in more egalitarian sexual pursuits.

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It also facilitated casual and commercial sexual relationships among strangers.

Fast forward to China in 2016, where the availability and immense popularity of social media services and mobile phone apps has rendered casual sex “mobile,” on-the-go, and at one’s finger tips.

Television shows like Girls and Masters of Sex are available online, and they may be more responsible than any other factor for the shift in young Chinese attitudes.

Iris Bian, 28, is a market researcher based in Beijing.

BEIJING—“It’s become a part of my life,” admits Liu Qian on the topic of online dating.

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