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But, as Dan Balz noted in his must-read "Take," the political environment remains extremely challenging for Republicans.

The further ascendancy of the economy as the central issue of the election -- and President George W.

Bush's somewhat listless performance in addressing the matter in recent days -- make for a very difficult challenge for anyone with an "R" after their name on the ballot on Nov. Couple the environmental concerns with the massive financial edge that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee enjoys over the NRSC and the fact that two GOP-held seats are as good as gone, and you see why Ensign's comments are more partisan cheer-leading, which is part of his job, than analysis informed by events on the ground. Mississippi (R): Republicans are growing increasingly optimistic that appointed Sen. North Carolina (R): Something is going on in once reliably Republican North Carolina.

As always, the number one ranked race on the Line is the most likely to switch party control in the fall. Roger Wicker will pull out a victory over former governor Ronnie Musgrove (D). Mary Landrieu (D) has run a smart campaign focused on her ability to bring money back to the state (that argument still sells well in the Bayou State) and cast state Treasurer John Kennedy, who has run for a number of offices as a Democrat and a Republican in recent years, as a "confused politician." Kennedy should benefit from the top of the ticket in Louisiana but has yet to make the sale that Landrieu's insider credentials are more a negative than a positive. Barack Obama is running even (or close to it) with Mc Cain in a series of recent polls and Sen.

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Chat to lsuts on line

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