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The most common adverse effects with sedating antihistamines are sedation, dizziness and incoordination.However, paradoxical stimulation ranging from excitation through to tremors, hallucinations and convulsions may occur.

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"For those who are mentally ill and psychotic, for example, and where there's a risk of violence, they need to be sedated sometimes very deeply." Morton said there were 13 such instances in the past year, and he said at least one of the instances of sedation was so extreme the patient ended up needing life support.

"The irony is that they come in physically well — although mentally unwell — and the process of accessing care makes them quite medically unwell," he said.

Abode to a highly diverse ecosystem at the heart of Terai region bordering Nepal, Dudhwa has several endangered animals, including tigers, elephants, Indian rhino, leopard, barasingha (swamp deer), sloth bear and others.

Considered as an example of one of the most successful rehabilitation programmes in India, rhinos were re-introduced in Dudhwa in 1985 after the region was stripped off its last free ranging rhino by a hunting party in 1878.

For children requiring antihistamines for allergies, a non-sedating antihistamine such as loratadine or cetirizine is preferred.

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